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Specializing in Real Estate and Startup investments


About Intrinsic

Intrinsic Investments is a Private Investment Fund with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets under management with a focus on real estate and startup investments. We maintain an efficient and lean organizational structure, outsourcing brokerage, legal, and development while focusing on strategy and property management. This means that we can keep our fees low and focus on improving the quality of our assets. As managers we invest along side our investors to align our interests with those of our investors by generating the bulk of our compensation through performance fees. At Intrinsic, we are a nimble investment company able to seize opportunities more quickly than our competitors. We look at all  asset classes across North America and invest according to our global macro views to achieve the highest and most consistent returns for our investors.






Intrinsic Investments Ltd.

200 Richard Way, SW,

Calgary, AB, Canada T3E 7M8


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INTRINSIC Performance



Real estate is an important part of any investors portfolio. This asset class helps to reduce volatility and enhance returns through both income and capital appreciation. Traditionally, we have invested in office, retail, hospitality and land in both Canada and the United States.


Our returns for our investors since inception has outperformed nearly all major benchmarks. As the majority of income is either on contract or stable, we are generally able to offer consistent returns for our investors.

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